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  A View Of Our Products Series-1   A View Of Our Products Series-2
  A View Of Our Products Series-3   Abalone Slice
  Baked Crisp Eel   Baked Crisp Fish Bone
  Baked Crisp Small Fish Flakes   Baked Crisp small shrimps
  Baked Salted Eel   Baked Sea Fish
  Baked Sea Fish With Original Flavor   Baked Sea fish With Original Flavor(DX14)
  Baked Shredded Cuttlefish(DX03)   Baked Shredded Squid
  Baked Shredded Squid (DX01)   Baked Shredded Squid (DX01-3-1)
  Baked Shredded Squid (DX01-3-2)   Baked Shrimps
  Baked Squid Cuts With Black Pepper Flavor   Baked Squid Ring
  Baked Squid Slices(DX05)   Baked Squid Slices(DX06)
  Baked Squid Tentacles   Buffet Clam
  Charbroil Shredded Squid   Charbroil Shredded Squid (DX02-3-1)
  Charbroil Shredded Squid(DX02)   Charbroil Shredded Squid(DX02-3-2)
  Co Tuna Saku   Co Tuna Saku ( A04-2)
  Cooked Vannamei   Crisp Eel
  Crisp Fish Bone   Crisp Shrimps
  Cuttlefish Slices   Cuttlefish Slices(DX09)
  Dentex Lumifroms   Dried Illex Squid
  Dried Loligo   Dried North Pacific Squid
  Dried Northen China Squid   Dried Salted Anchovy
  Dried Salted Octopus Slices   Dried Salted Squid Slices
  Dried Salted Squid Slices(DX04)   Dried Squid Tentacle
  Dried Squid Tentacle With Neck   Dried Squid Tube
  Dried Squid Wings   Dried Yellow Strip Fish
  Fish Floss   Fish Floss(DX27)
  Fried Breaded Cuttlefish Steak   Fried Breaded Fish Steak
  Fried Breaded Shrimp Cake   Fried Breaded Squid Ring
  Fried Breaded Tilapia Steak   Fried Crisp Kelp With Black Pepper
  Fried Crisp Kelp With Garlic   Fried Sea Fish
  Frozeen Cooked Squid Ring with skin   Frozen Breaded P&D Tail On
  Frozen Cooked IQF Squid Wing Flower   Frozen Cooked Squid Flower
  Frozen Cooked Squid Ring   Frozen Cooked Squid Tentacle
  Frozen IQF Squid Wing Slices with skin   Frozen Mahi Mahi Fillet
  Frozen sea fish (A08)   Frozen sea fish (A09)
  Frozen sea fish (A10)   FROZEN SQUID TUBE
  Frozen Surimi   IQF Squid Wing Slices with skin
  Kelp Candy   Local Squid
  Loligo Wing   Mackerel
  Mackerel In Tomato Sauce   Mixed Seafood
  Mussel Meat   Mussel With Shell
  Natural Squid Cuts   Octopus Tentacle Slices
  Octopus Tentacle Slices( F01-2)   OIL FISH FILLET SKIN LESS
  Once Frozen Round Tuna Steak   Oyster
  Oyster In Water   P&D Shrimp Roll
  Peel Shrimp With Tail On   Penaeus Canliculatvs
  Portunus Sanguinolemtus   Premium Sea Fish Slices
  Products In Plastic Box Package   Raw P&D/Pud Tail - Off
  Red sea fish   Roasted Eel
  Salmon In Brine   Salted Anchovy With Black Soya Bean
  Sardine   Sardine In Tomato Sauce
  Saury Pike   Saury Pike In Oil
  Saury Pike In Tomato Sauce   Scallop Meat
  Scallop Meat With Shell   Sea Fish With Sesame
  Sesame Fish   Shredded Squid
  Small Yellow Croaker With Black Soya Beans   Smoked Cuttlefish Fillet
  Smoked Oyster   Smoked Saury Fillet In Oil
  Smoked Saury In Oil(Chunk)   Soy Bean Roll With Cuttlefish Filling
  Soy Bean Roll With Cuttlefish Filling(DW03-2)   Spicy Anchovy
  Squid Candy   Squid Candy(DX28)
  Squid Cuts With Sesame Flavor   Squid Cuts With Sesame Flavor(DX13)
  Squid Fillet In Brine   Squid In Soy Sauce
  Squid Ring (Bigger Ring)   Squid Slices
  Squid Slices (DX06-3)   Squid Steak With Cuts
  Squid Strip   Squid Tube
  Squid Wing In Soy Sauce (Peeled)   Squid Wing In Soy Sauce (Unpeeled)
  Steamed Shrimp   Tempura (Round)
  Tempura (Stick)   Tilapia Fillet
  Tuna Candy   Tuna Candy(DX29)
  Tuna Chunk In Oil   TUNA LOIN
  Tuna Spring Roll   TUNA STEAK
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